Thanksgiving Reunion At the Lake - 11-2017

I am looking forward to this event.
Just imagine - a lake-front house in the hills and a delicious Thanksgiving dinner prepared by the most qualified Armenian chefs.
Late night jokes and memories from the past and yet another opportunity to get to know the extended family. I do not want miss any of it.
Come with big smiles and stores from the past. Remind us what it was like then. yes its a heaven.
Pleas download the PDF file below and print. It will help in finding where and when it is at.
Distance and time : Fresno to Bass lake 60 miles 1 hour
San Jose to Bass lake 180 miles 3 1/2 hours
Pasadena to Bass lake 271 miles 4 1/2 hours

GPS co-ordinates Madera 36 57' 35.823 120 03' 46.2414
145X41 crossing 37 00 36.99 119 47 39.102
Yosemite Fork 37 11 27.82 119 46 21.54
Rd 222 274 split 37 20 20.4426 119 35 08.0442
Entrance Bass Lake 37 19 24.9168 119 33 19.2816

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Hope to see you soon.