Vegetable Chili

This dish is all vegetable chili.
In a large pot cook:
          One chopped onion, one chopped green and one red bell pepper in olive oil for 5 minutes.
          Add salt and black pepper to taste.
          Add 4 cloves finely chopped garlic
          Add Rosemary and thyme. Cook for 5 minutes.
          Add chilly red pepper flakes
          Add 4 large sticks of 1" long cut carrots, celery and 2 zucchini
          Add one table spoon paprika and one table spoon red chili powder
          Add one small Jalapeno chili finely diced
          Add more type and rosemary and stir the content.
          Cook for 10 minutes
          Transfer the content to a slow cooker with high temperature ( 205 F)
          Add one 14 oz can of each of white bean, black bean and kidney bean and diced tomato.
          Squeeze one fresh lemon.
          Add 3 dry lemons, cut them in halves.
          Add 1/4 of stick of butter. Slice them and lay on top.
          Let it cook for 4 hours.
          Sprinkle one can of corn kernels on top 10 minutes before serving.
          Enjoy this chili with 3 scoops of yogurt.
          Optional. Cut 3 Yukon yellow potatoes in 1" pieces. Place them in a pan and use some of the juice from the chili cooking to cook the potatoes and add to the chili to serve.

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