Our Story Starts Here

Our Class - It all began one day in September of 1964. A group of 73 students arrived from all over the world to start a new year in the next five years of high school education. 
The first week was just for practice. The bell woke us all up at about 7:00 AM. The bell indicated it was time to head to the dining room for breakfast. The bell indicated it was time that we stop eating and stand up for grace. The bell indicated to start and stop the class etc.. etc.. etc... Then 3 consecutive rings meant that show up for the head count - unless you were not alive or not in the school.
Those who learned quickly left soon - and the rest of us - we were hungry to learn more so decided to stay and learn more. Below are the list of those who did not run away. 
We all grew up together for 5 or more years, studying, competing in sports, sleeping under the same roof, eating in the same time and place - we became sister and brother to each other and became a large family. Finally we dispersed to all over the world. Each of us started our lives independent of each other and raised our families - yes and we lost touch with each other. 
Then there was the incredible day that we all discovered each other - we lived so close to each other yet did not know it. And now we are - a big family again. 

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