Our Mission

Having lost touch for over 40 years with my classmates, I had always though about all the students that I - more or less - had grown up with, yet I knew nothing about them. It was like loosing my family.

My wife Amy, discovered the Melkonian picnic in Los Angeles on August of 2010. I decided to visit. There was no one there from my class - however I met a few later graduates of 1972 who recognized me and remembered my name. I was really alive again.

They put me in touch with one of my classmates Kevork Kalayjian who then put me in touch with so many more of my classmates. Through the use of the photo album, that I had already set up, we discovered each other. We were spread all over the world.

Those of us in Los Angeles area decided to set-up a reunion in April of 2011. Koko Gederian, Hovannes Kendirian, and Garo Emirzian worked hard to spread the word and we met at Koko's house. Others joined us from New Your, North Carolina and San Francisco area. View photos here

The joy in everyone's eyes was priceless.

If you are a Melkoniantsi - we are looking for you. Regardless of where you are contact me so that we can learn about you.

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