Our New Look

Yes! - we now have a new website and a new look. The reasons for this new look is so that the pages can be viewed on computers, cell phones and IPad. In addition we can protect your privacy by making content available to authenticated users only. To have access to more content, the MEI album, be able to post comments and post pages with images, visitors must create an account then login and view and post comments. By creating account you will be able to receive messages and announcements. The home page lists the name of the users currently on line. You can send them a message by simply clicking on their name and you can view their profile and an image if the user has uploaded one. Since there are no commercials here, where would  you rather be? I hope you picked MEI1970.

We will never ask for donations for any purpose.

We are looking for Melkoniantsi. If you attended Melkonian, at anytime, contact us or better yet create an account and join the fun.

Spread the word - tell others about MEI1970.​