The Doorman

The doorman and his dog Rex in front of the statues.

The doorman, Garabed, lived in a building at the entrance of the gate with his dog. The dog was a German shepherd named Rex. We hoped that he would be quiet while we exited the perimeter for a fun time.

In another part of this building lived Digin Hermine Keshishian - the supervisor and chaperone of the girls.

I can recognize most of the students on this photo. It definitely was just before my arrival. It appears that this was taken during 1963-1964 school year. Among them are Yeranoohi and Madlen.

Can you name the rest of the students?

Yeran has identified them all - see below

L to R
front row Ovsanna Chavushian (Ardashes's sister), Georgette Kalousdian, Katy Behesnilian, Rita Harutyunian,  Vartouhi Deokmejian,  Yeran Gazarian, Nvart Iskenderian, Kohar Balian (Nazeli's sister)
2nd row  Kachuhi Chimen, Irma Markarian, Madlen Deumejian
3rd row  Boghos Mikaelian, Jean Gurunian, Puzant Yanekian, Misak Nersessian, Madlen Bodroumian,   Koko Maronian, Hratch Kassabian, Asadour Solakian

Photo provided by Garo E.

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