Water Heater Replacement

For many months I found myself adding antifreeze to the reservoir, so I decided to log the loss. I accidently discovered crystals at the bottom of the water heater that pointed out antifreeze leak.
The original 20 year old water heater had to be replaced.
The original water heater was Seaward Model F600  6 gallon capacity with rear heating coil.
I ordered Seaward F600 from Anchor Express 866 888-2624 customerservice@anchorexpress.com. What I received was Whale S600 Part No 59209  for $ 320.00 that included freight.
The dimensions was 13" high, 13" wide and 16" deep ( 19" if you include the drain valve), excluding the antifreeze hose connection that is on the back.
To install it, must remove the ladder and the engine cover and the galley drawers and the side drawer. For later must also disconnect the charger mounting screws.
After draining the water, I placed towels to catch the spill and disconnected the antifreeze hoses from the engine side and connected them to each other to stop the spill with 5/8" hose.
Then I disconnected the hoses from the water heater and drained the antifreeze. I was able to remove the water heater with much difficulty after I removed the mounting screws.
I had placed carpet on the floor to avoid scratching and staining it.
I wiped, cleaned and sanded the area underneath the water heater area and applied 3 coats of fresh paint.
The new water heater arrived in 7 days.
Installing it was just as difficult since the hight of the heater plus the top screw was just enough to scratch against the top and make it hard to reposition the water heater. With luck I was able to place it in the same spot as before.
I connected the water hoses and filled the tank by opening the galley sink hot water faucet and opening the fresh water tank valve. The water pump automatically ran and filled the tank and water started to pour out of the faucet. I turned it off.
I replaced the 5/8" inch antifreeze hoses ( one at 11' 8" and one at 11' 1" ). After I connected the 2 hoses to the water heater, I filled the hose and the heating coil by first mixing 50/50 antifreeze with distilled water in a water bottle, then using a funnel I poured the fluid in the funnel. To help the fluid enter the heating coil I used a foot pump, normally used to inflate toy water toys, and sucked air out from one hose while I fed fluid in the other hose. When the fluid started to come out of the pump I knew the hoses and the heating coil had filled up. It required 22 Oz of fluid to fill up. I reconnected the hoses to the engine in the same orientation, then started the engine and monitored the engine temperature. I had added more fluid to the reservoir to make sure air would not enter the engine block. The engine warmed up and remained at 162F.


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Hello Haro, Thanks for the excellent description and photos of your water heater replacement. I'm facing the same situation with my 2000 C-36 mkii. Quick questions if you don't mind. First, is that Whale S600 a direct replacement for the original Seaward S600 (or more importantly, are the dimensions similar for the install)? Secondly, I couldn't tell from the photos, but did you remove/replace it from the galley side or from the settee side? My problem with the settee side is that my air conditioning unit is located there and I really don't want to take out that system if I don't have to. The charger is not an issue, as its located differently, and not in the way. Sadly, 2 yrs later, the cost has gone up and $100-150. Oh well...Sail La Vie! I'll post this question on the C-36 forum as well - not sure if you check both. Thanks! Chris
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Hi Chris,

The dimensions are 13"X13"X16" ( if you include the drain then it is 19" instead of 16")

I removed it from the galley side. I removed the engine cover so that I can have more space then removed drawers under the sink, including the frame. Also must disconnect the retaining screws of the charger and move the side drawers out about 3 inches.

The original water heater was Seaward, 6 Gallon, but the new one is Whale 6 Gallon. I was told that Whale bought out Seaward.
There are more photos in the album regarding the complete installation, The link to the album is at the bottom of the content and I am posting it here for you as well.
Since you had posted the comment as anonymous, I searched for you on C36 international.

Yes I do check C36 international often, I am a webmaster there. You will find many postings from me on that site. I created this site since the C36 site does not allow files larger than 2Meg to be uploaded and most image files are more like 5 Meg. Other manual are also over 2 Meg that can not be uploaded. You will find many manuals here on this site as the limit is 64 Meg. Register an account on this site so that you can post content and upload images. There is an album that you can upload images and videos to share with others. On C36 site you can not upload videos.

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