I spent about one year sorting out the best suited racer/cruiser specially suited for San Francisco Bay.
    This particular model is fin keel, this means that you can head up into the wind as much as 30 degrees off wind.
Its keel-stepped mast and a full range of instruments makes it suitable for ocean coastal cruising.

It is finally time to replace my stretched main sail.
I am currently looking for a sail maker to provide a suitable cloth for high winds of San Francisco Bay.

Due to local high winds and incredible amount of rain the marina's tall cypress trees had fallen and damaged local power company power lines. This stopped all electricity for the Marina.
The park and the marina was closed and restricted to tenants with limited access.

Much has been written about heat exchangers, but I was not able to find out the dimensions of the original end pad on a 3" heat exchanger, the "O" ring and the bolt size and pitch as listed on page 53 of the engine manual.

I had noticed that the engine vibrated when I purchsed the boat in 2009. I got used to it thinking it was normal. I had noticed that the belt was hitting the engine creating black dust as a result of the engine vibration.

I had noticed that the ST4000+ LCD Display had developed a black area in the center and was hard to see the display. The system worked OK though.

Recently when I pulled the engine stop cable the handle broke.
Even though Catalina Direct listed this cable (Part number Z4550 $ 99.99 + freight) they did not have it in stock and they did not know when they would have it.

I have complete content at this website with images and simplified wiring diagram to help explain the funtion of the oil pressure switch.

Fuel starvation seems to be a common problem.

After finding unspeakable liquid in the bilge due to broken mounting impeller bolt, I decided to reconfigure the installation with a flexible connecting hose to prevent future breaks.

The trusty Oberdorfer Raw water pump seals can be replaced easily of they start to leak. Part number is 11691, available from http://www.pumpsandpartsonline.com for $ 50.00 ( 2016)
The seals include upper and the lower seals plus the middle cylindrical seal.

LPG regulator installation.
After much search I located the regulator that I was looking for at go2marine.com, 800 998-9508

My tardiness in replacing the fresh water pump of the cooling system - weeping hole dripping with antifreeze - resulted in a 1/4 of a cup of antifreeze in the bilge.
I purchased a new one for about $ 400.00 that included the gasket.

For many months I found myself adding antifreeze to the reservoir, so I decided to log the loss.

The Deck Light Fixture original bulb is incandescent 20W Bulb with GX 5.3 Base. This means that it has 2 strait pins that are about 1/16" in diameter.

Removing and repairing the ST4000 Auto Helm Wheel Control is not very complicated.

Sail La Vie came with one retrieve foot switch. I added another foot switch to lower the anchor and the chain.

After disappointing service from the original raw water pump, I decided to switch to Oberdorfer pump.
This requires modification of the base to fit on M35B engines

Accessories Included:

  • Stainless steel complete metric and English socket set with Allan wrenches
  • More hand tools
  • Spare Oberdorfer raw water pump with gasket and installation tools and hardware

Included is one 8' inflatable dinghy with 2 ores. It has a protective canvas and bracket for outboard engine.

It carries  300 lb