Macerator Pump

After finding unspeakable liquid in the bilge due to broken mounting impeller bolt, I decided to reconfigure the installation with a flexible connecting hose to prevent future breaks.
The first image shows the original configuration. The white PVC T-connected  was connected directly between the holding tank, through hull and the pump-out hose. Due to hull flexing with no means of flexibility applied to the macerator pump impeller - its mounting screw bolt broke.
I have added 6" flexible hoses between each device to allow flexing. I have also added a 3-way valve to direct the content.
The image shows the pre-installation configuration.

I purchased the pump from
401-253-3840 Fax 401-254-5829

Here is the pump model and part number.
JABSCO MACERATOR PUMP 12V DC Model 18590-2092 $ 131.21

The Three Way Valve is Groco TWV 1500

Visit this link

The reason that I replaced mine was because one of the bolts that holds the impeller housing to the motor was broken and it was leaking. If I had to do it over again I would just replace the bolt and the gasket. Now I have a spare Macerator Pump !

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