Fuel Starvation

Fuel starvation seems to be a common problem. After facing this problem when I was headed north from Santa Cruz near Ano Nuevos in 8 foot seas and 40 knot head wind the engine RPM gradually dropped and finally engine stopped. I restarted engine but it soon died. The only option was to sail downwind back to Santa Cruz. I found that if I did not revv-up the engine it would continue to run. I was able to dock the boat under power.

I turned off the fuel tank valve and disconnected in and out hoses from the primary fuel filter bracket and removed the bracket for cleaning. I removed the cover where there is a chamber similar to a sink trap. There I found a large chewing gum-like crud that was causing fuel flow blockage. I cleaned all that was possible. I used curtain pull string to clean the elbow adaptor. Then replaced both fuel filters. There was no more problem.

The only other filter is a 70 micron screen filter that is attached to the fuel lift pump. On my pump ( part number  039275 in Oct 2015 $ 176.00) it came with the pump when I replaced it. I found out that the screen was not removable for cleaning and it would have to be replaced if it was blocked. Its part number is 48076  and can be ordered from Transpacific on the west coast for $45.00


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