Wheel Auto Helm

Removing and repairing the ST4000 Auto Helm Wheel Control is not very complicated.

First remove the 3 bracketss that hold the drive to the wheel, disconnect the motor plug and remove the wheel and remove the disk.

To open the disks use a large screw driver and place in the crack between the disks and twist. The 2 disks will come a part.

In my case there were 3 of the small internal wheels that were broken. I was able to re install them by simply gluing them on and drilling an 1/8" hole in the ceneter of the shaft and hold the roller wheel back on using 1/3" #6 stainless steel screws and nuts. I did this to strengthen all of them.

I replaced the drive belt as well since there were many worn out teeth on it.

After I placed a screw for the roller wheel that was under the locking lever, I had to grind the underside of the lever with Dremal tool.

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