Oberdorfer Seals Replacement

The trusty Oberdorfer Raw water pump seals can be replaced easily of they start to leak. Part number is 11691, available from http://www.pumpsandpartsonline.com ( Also Known as Cardinal Pumps)) for $ 50.00 ( 2016) No sales tax,  ( $ 83.00 2023, free shipping)
The seals include upper and the lower seals plus the middle cylindrical seal, the "O" ring and impeller and snap ring.
To remove them I used a screw driver and a hammer to push them out. One has to be carful not to scratch the walls.
Inserting is easily done using a vice and socket wrench of 13/16 size. Use loctite No. 620 on the outside of the metal seals to keep them from leaking, then insert them.
After I installed them I found them slightly leaking after about 100 hours of use.
I removed the impeller and the shaft. I cleaned both the shaft and the surfaces of the seals with paper towel.
I applied a small amount of Lano_Cote  both to the seals and the surface of the shaft and inserted back into the housing.
I found that this stops the leak completely.

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Since my last posting above - I found that I could use steering wheel puller to remove and insert all 3 seals with much control
View these Album Images to see how.

Watch the manufacturer video. I do not agree with the hammering part, since it may cause injuries to your hand.

UPDATE - 03-2023 - The Youtube video link was removed as Youtube had removed the video.





While the YouTube video mentioned above gives one a good idea on rebuilding the Oberdorfer water pump, it falls short on installing the the graphite bearing that usually accompanies a rebuilding kit. In the above video, they recommend pounding this bearing with a hammer and that is a sure way to break this glass fragile part. A more successful method of installing this bearing is to apply a slow steady pressure and heavily lubricate it (WD-40) while it is being inserted into the pump body. We've found that applying this even pressure can easily be done with an eight inch 'C' clamp from Harbor Freight. The eight inch clamp easily accommodates the size pump body and greatly simplifies the installation of this fragile part into place.
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Hi Bill,
You have the correct idea.
I used large steering wheel puller to remove and insert the 3 seals.
Please view images in the Album

Is using WD 40 alright when there is loctite on the walls of the seals?

Greetings, Have you got a current public link for the Oberdorfer video? It says it's private when I try to watch it. Thanks. Also,it was mentioned to use WD-40 to install the bearing; I am under the impression that petroleum products shouldn't be used around the rubber/neoprene/etc. parts. Perhaps soapy water or silicone spray/grease? Cheers, Allan
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Hi Alan, I am not sure why the video displays as private. If you go to manufacturer site it it shows this video. Basically not a good way to replace these seals as there is a good chance they will be damaged.

UPDATE: I have deleted the video feed as it was removed from Youtube.  03-2023

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