New video taped at Melkonian, Cyprus

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Smpat Devletian  Class of 1942
He was born in Greece in 1923 and lived in Cyprus.
He recently passed at the age of 93.
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We feel very privileged and honored to have been tout not only by the best math teacher there ever was, but the best artist.
He has always been a big brother to us.
We whish him well in any venture he starts.
Baron Vartan Tashdjian currently lives in Cyprus with his wife..


Here is a list of over 80 images recently taken at Melkonian in 2010 on a rainy day.
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Here is another paining by Baron Vartan Tashjian
Anyone know when it was painted?

At Setrag,s House Feb 28, 2016

An other get-together at Setrag's house on Feb 28-2016

Hi all,
     MEI 1970 graduates are supporting the only Armenian Candidate Khatchig Chris Chahinian for California State Senate Seat in District 25.
     Elections will take place on June 7, 2016. We need a State senator that stands for people’s voice, in regards to education, crime, reduction, middle class and wages. We all need to vote for a state senator that will speak and work for the people. He is a champion of Armenian causes, and a staunch supporter of Melkonian Educational Institute Organizations.

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 The doorman and his dog Rex in front of the statues

 kendiroh has sent you a group email from Melkonian MEI 1970 Classmates.

Hi To All Melkoniantsis: We will be celebrating GARABED & KRIKOR MELKONIAN BROTHERS legacy on January 17, 2016 in California. On this 90th year celebrations we are preparing a video/slide show in the ceremonies after the Holy Mass at Geragos Hall.

Whenever we get an image from the past we like to share with everyone