Class of 1982

Class of 1982.

I am puzzled by this photo. Just over 10 years earlier - we were barred from long hair, mustaches. Why such a drastic change.

We are honoured to announce that  our classmate, Angel Hagopian’s (Sahagian’s) younger son, Shant Sahagian is running for Glendale School Board.

Class of 1970 is growing.

We honour  Ani Manooking at Setrak's house

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Melkonian Cyprus,
Baron Vartan Tashdjian addresses the 90th anniversary of Melkonian Educational Institute
Let's hear the bell ring again.

Can you believe it !

It has been 90 years since Melkonian Educational institute was opened.
We are saddened that in 2004 it was closed due to lack of funds.
Join us in 1901 North Allen Avenue, Altadena, CA. at 7:30 PM to remember and celebrate priceless Melkonian Icon.
Come and bring photos to share and tell stories and meet Melkoniantsi families and community.

See you there.

It is encouraging to hear good news about Melkonain

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I am looking forward in hearing from you.

We are having our next get-together on Sunday June 26th, 2016 at 7: 00 PM


New video taped at Melkonian, Cyprus

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Smpat Devletian  Class of 1942
He was born in Greece in 1923 and lived in Cyprus.
He recently passed at the age of 93.
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We feel very privileged and honored to have been tout not only by the best math teacher there ever was, but the best artist.
He has always been a big brother to us.
We whish him well in any venture he starts.
Baron Vartan Tashdjian currently lives in Cyprus with his wife..