New - MEI Online Album

MEI Online Album

Announcing MEI Online Album

     Due to popular request this new MEI online album allows the registered users to create and upload photos to share with others.
Space is unlimited and you can password protect your private album.
    Only registered users can view available albums.
    To access the album and register as a first time user from the main menu link Main Album then click on MEI Online Album. use the same name and password as your credentials and create a user name and password. You will receive a confirmation link in your email. Click on this link to login and create new albums.
    If you need help contact us at MEI1970 Team.

NOTE:  This is only a test.

WE - the Class of 1970 and the family will be meeting in San Francisco. in March of 2017.
Come and join us for sail on San Francisco Bay and enjoy the day and make memories.
Click on Read More below and Sign up below for the event.
See you then.

Pacifica Californian - waves Nov 2016

Pacifica California, November 2016

Remember to enjoy the nature and this world.

There has never been seen a complete

graduates of the era 1929 to 2005

Not only are Melkonian buildings the most photographed over many years, so are its stars - the students.

Melkoniantsis are very much attached to Mekonian and are religious in saving the Melkonian heritage and buildings.
Watched this video and comment on your thoughts below.

Hi All Melkoniantsis,

MEI 1970 Graduate's website is adding features and capabilities that most of the websites do not have. This is the hard work of our classmate and administrator Haro Bayandorian. Please create your own blog, and participate in discussions for the re-opening of Melkonian Educational Institute. Express your ideas and respond to other blogger's opinions.

Fight will continue until we hear from the authorities regarding the future of our beloved school, Melkonian Educational Institute.



MEI 1970 Graduate



You can now start your own blog pages and post content on any subject.
Readers can contact you and ask questions..
Hope to see you more often on

Class of 1982

Class of 1982.

I am puzzled by this photo. Just over 10 years earlier - we were barred from long hair, mustaches. Why such a drastic change.

We are honoured to announce that  our classmate, Angel Hagopian’s (Sahagian’s) younger son, Shant Sahagian is running for Glendale School Board.

Class of 1970 is growing.

We honour  Ani Manooking at Setrak's house

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