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Haro: Class of 1970 and Webmaster

On March 4, 2023, I am excited to announce that MEI1970 website is here to stay as it has been relocated to a new hosting server
Saturday, March 4, 2023 - 16:30


I was able to sign on to email account and the mei1970 website. They are functioning like well oiled machine. Thanks Haro. You worked hard not to retire our MEI website. Congratulations. Ohan. 

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The new webhosting company is A2HOSTING. They use solid state "hard disks" so the page loads are much faster.
There is unlimited space for this website so it can expand forever. It includes all the albums and the photos.
The previous webhosting provider stopped supporting PHP 7. Since this Drupal 7 CMS runs on PHP 7 I had to move to another provider who supported PHP 7.
It has taken me about 3 weeks to relocate all the websites and albums.
I closed the account with the previouce provider on March 6 2023.

NOTE: to make it easier for visitors to view the original photo album, you will not have to login.
Hover on Main Album then roll down and click on View Original Album

Have fun and let us hear from you.


Haro: Class of 1970 and Webmaster