Melkonian educational institute
328 Bridge Plaza N Suite 1-H
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Dear Fellow Armenians,

When at issue is the reopening of the closed Melkonian Educational Institute, the expectation is that Melkonian Alumni should be at the forefront of the effort. Alumni organizations in general operate to encourage an existing and functioning school or university.

It is about time for all those who are interested in the reopening of the MEI, to stop acting as an ‘alumni organization’ and join forces to become an active, forward looking, ‘operating action committee’ ready to take responsibility and prepare viable plans to reopen, operate, and promote, a successful, high quality, world-class, internationally recognized learning institution.

An objective of this caliber could not, and should not be realized by Melkonian Alumni alone, all experts, in fund-raising, planning, managing, operating such an institution, and promoting a successful boarding school should take-part in this Operating Committee.

The fact that the major focus of the MEI is the preservation and the promotion of Western Armenian Culture does not preclude a curriculum of multiple choices in languages and subjects of international recognition.

Similarly, the fact that a center of secondary education could provide the foundation for learned choices for youngsters to select preparatory courses based on future interests in science, arts, diplomacy, military, or spiritual/clerical careers is a necessity of the educational direction of the future generations.

Based on the above-mentioned guidelines The Melkonian Educational Institute Foundation invites you to bring your input and your suggestions to The Operating Committee for the Reopening of the Melkonian Educational Institute, so that we may present the best course of action to achieve the aforementioned objectives.

On behalf of the MEI Operating Committee,

Board Members

Hovhannes Kendirian
Garo Emirzian
Kevork Kalayjian
Krikor Gederian
Melkonian Educational Institute Operating Foundation