Reunion Shahen J. June 2017

After 47 years I had an opportunity to meet Shahen Jamkotchian, our classmate, who was visiting family from Canada, and stopped by to see us Class of 1970 at Hovannes's house in Pasadena.
Present were, other than Shahen and Hovannes, Haro, Setrak, Gaidzag, Garo, Avo and Hrair Baronian. We were entertained by Hovannes's son Sevan and his 3 piece band.
At 5:00 PM barbeque fire was started. Kababbed chicken and loole kebab with rice and salad was delicious. They were followed by cake and ice cream and wine.
After dark the portable fireplace kept us warm while attendees gathered around it.
Before everyone left, Shahen surprised us with gifts from Canada. They were silver coins. I took the opportunity and had him autograph them for us. I will treasure it for ever.
The event ended about 9:30 PM.

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Haro, pictures and videos are excellent quality. Another memorable day which will last forever. Thanks for your hard work.

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Yes - it was very successful event. You had prepared very well.

Haro class of 1970 Webmaster