Garabed Or Krikor

   The change of the theme and the look of website allowed for slide images be posted at the home page. Included in one of the slide  is the image of Krikor Melkonian.

   Our classmate Garo noticed the incorrectly named Krikor brother. He pointed out that it was the image of Garabed.

   I searched through the images that I had collected over time - and I discovered that in various publications the names were crossed. Now I am so confused as to which is Garabed and which is Krikor.

  Can you find a definitive answer to this unexpected question?

   It seems that for these unforgettable people we must know the correct answer.

   View the images and comment below.


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The good news is that the correct names with the images were confirmed and they appear as the slides on this home page.
Thanks for the help.

Haro: Class of 1970 and Webmaster