Class Of 1967 - Images

Class of 1967

Not only are Melkonian buildings the most photographed over many years, so are its stars - the students.
We would like to add the Class of 1967 to many historic and unforgettable list of photos taken from our Melkonian life.
Read below and comment on your memory from the past. Do you remember some of these athletes?


Photo by Garo E.




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I am not sure what their names were - but I can remember some of them like it was yesterday.

Haro: Class of 1970 and Webmaster

Hi Haro,

These are great pictures. Where did you get it? Who sent it to you?


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Opps! - I forgot

I add the source - Garo.

Haro: Class of 1970 and Webmaster

Thank you Haro. All pictures of graduates from 1929 to 2005 is in our album now. Any graduate now can go to our website and find himself or herself. Wow.