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Text below from NEW DAY - Armenian newspaper 


Conductor Of Kohar Symphony Orchestra Sebouh Apkarian Has Passed Away
Artistic Director and Conductor of Kohar Symphony Orchestra and Choir Sebouh Apkarian has passed away at his home in Nicosia – Cyprus on Monday 4 August, 2014.
     Maestro Sebouh Apkarian was born in Cyprus. He was a composer, conductor, painter and educator. He founded the Armenian Radio Program at the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, where he served for  46 years.
    He graduated the Melkonian Educational Institute where he also taught music and conducted the school choir, following the steps of his music teacher and mentor Vahan Bedelian. After graduating from the Melkonian he continued his studies in Paris. As an opera singer, he performed in Nicosia, Athens, Beirut, Aleppo, Cairo and Paris. He was the composer of many songs, choral works, chamber music, oratories, cantatas, symphonic suites and musical caricatures. Many of these compositions have been performed in Tokyo, Paris, Cyprus, Beirut and the USA. His work and performances with KOHAR Symphony rchestra
and Choir are characterized by many as the most significant contribution towards the promotion of Armenian culture during the last decade.


A short Biography - provided by Ohan K.

      Apkarian was born in Cyprus in 1931. After attending Melkonian Educational Institute (1945-1951) he continued to master his music education in Paris at Ecole Nomale and Conservatoire de la Grande. He has also mastered his painting skills at Sorbonne, as well as attended Athens National Musicology School. He has numerous compositions and songs.
      Talented in all aspects of art Apkarian has served in Melkonian Educational Institute as music and art teacher for almost five decades starting in 1953.
      His dedication to Armenian culture was his main strength to pass along his skills in all aspects of art to young Armenian generations, which he inherited from his father Scout Master Levon Apkarian at AGBU.
      He has been a composer, conductor, painter and educator for more than 50 years. He has also founded the Armenian radio program at the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, where he presented various programs for 46 years. As an opera singer, he has given recitals in Nicosia, Athens, Beirut, Aleppo, Cairo and Paris. He has also composed many songs, choral works, chamber music, oratories, cantatas, symphonic suites, and musical caricatures.
Many of these compositions were played in Tokyo, Paris, Cyprus, Beirut and the USA and won prizes. He conducted KOHAR in worldwide concert tours since 1999, namely in Beirut, Lebanon; Nicosia, Cyprus; Istanbul, Turkey; Moscow, Russia; North America Tour, USA and Canada; Damascus and Aleppo, Syria; and South America Tour; Uruguay, Argentine and Brazil.

The Funeral of maestro Sebouh Abkarian on Saturday 9 August at 3:30 pm at the Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church in Nicosia - Cyprus

Interview with Conductor of KOHAR Symphony Orchestra Sebouh Apkarian, February 9, 2011 - YouTube

Sebouh Apkarian - Melkonian Night Jan 7, 2012 In Glendale, CA - YouTube 





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