Apkarian - by Mark Chenian

Reflection On Life And Times Sebouh Apkarian
By Mark Chenian

Sebouh Apkarian name was and will remain associated with two institutions, Melkonian Educational Institute, Cyprus, and KOHAR Symphony Orchestra and Choir, Armenia. He was a privileged beneficiary of both, and a contributor to their missions. To participate in the impact that these two institutions had on the Armenian experience worldwide is a privilege indeed. The genesis of Melkonian, a rockfellerian undertaking, was the response to the one of the saddest chapters in the history of mankind. The Institute, from its inception, became that safe harbor for the intellectuals who miraculously survived, Parsegh Ganatchian, Boghos Kevorkian, Hagop Oshagan, Vahan Tekeyan, to name a few, the pioneers who christened the mission and the legacy of MEI. In 1959, a “revolution” took place on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean with Armenia’s Song and Dance Ensemble’s tour. Sebouh Apkarian was part of the Cyprus delegation to UNESCO auditorium, in Beirut. That “revolutionary” wave penetrated the whole region. In schools and cultural associations, the repertoires expended with Song and Dance model. The Armenian radio program in Nicosia Cyprus, with Sebouh Apkarian’s voice, was a major catalyst in that penetration. Almost forty years later, that same impact was the catalyst for the Genesis of KOHAR. KOHAR’s founder, the son of a beneficiary of the MEI legacy, recognizing the “voice” of the Armenian radio hour from Cyprus, invited Sebouh Apkarian to participate in KOHAR’s mission, the second revolutionary wave, this time with symphony orchestra and choir model. With this second privilege vested in him, the Maestro, with KOHAR, reached three continents, with the state of the art technology and logistics, a penetration that Armenians all over the world needed to re-christen with KOHARS “AYP” “PEN” “KEEM”. And now, from the theater of Heavens, the Maestro will follow the continuation of the legacies of both Melkonian and KOHAR, with utmost satisfaction, and reciting our poet’s “Inch Vor Deveer… Ruggiero Leoncavallo's "Vesti la giubba..." in Pagliacci, perhaps paints the real "Life and Times" of Sebouh Apkarian. As for KOHAR, in Canio's words, "On with your costume...". There is a world waiting for your AYP PEN KEEM...!!!

Vartsket Gadar Maestro…!!!